Carlton v Richmond

Mar 29, 2012

Wounded Tigers... Richmond will be hoping for a better showing than their last clash with the Blues.

Wounded Tigers... Richmond will be hoping for a better showing than their last clash with the Blues. Photo: Pat Scala

The live blog has been completed. Stay with for a match report and more photos from the game, and come back next round - we are offering live coverage of every game this season.

A convcing win from Carlton, who belied their pre-season form to produce a commanding performance. Good outings from Carrazzo, Murphy and Kreuzer. Carlton fans will be pleased at the fact that Judd didn't have to pull out a standout effort to get his team over the line. They're sharing the burden.

As for Richmond, it's more of the same. Good in spurts, but unable to string it together for long enough against the top sides. Trent Cotchin was effective after being moved up the field. And Reiwoldt did well with limited opportunities.

10:20 Richmond 12.9 (81) Carlton 18.17 (125) - Q4 28'
Robinson bustles through to put a full-stop on the game, booting one from 35 metres.

10.17 Richmond 12.9 (81) Carlton 17.17 (119) - Q4 25'
Another goal for Hampson, who has had a productive night, after Jayden Post is penalised for holding on.

10.15 Richmond 12.9 (81) Carlton 16.17 (113) - Q4 23'
Surprising miss from Reiwoldt, who kicks a behind after marking on the lead.

10.13 Richmond 12.8 (80) Carlton 16.17 (113) - Q4 21'
Reiwoldt has kept working all night, marking to post his fourth in an impressive effort. Just two marks tonight for Jumping Jack, who has crossed the 200-goal mark for his career tonight.

10.12 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 16.17 (113) - Q4 20'
Sub Lucas reads the play well, grabbing the spilled mark to post his second goal. Damien Hardwick in the coaches' box looks decidedly unimpressed.

10.11 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 15.17 (107) - Q4 19'
Rushed behind, as Kreuzer attempts to mark in the square. Tigers falling away after their revival.

10.10 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 15.16 (106) - Q4 18'
Carlton home and hosed, as Hampson marks before kicking his second for the night.

10.08 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 14.16 (100) - Q4 16'
Carlton seem to have ridden out Richmond's salvo, as Marc Murphy drills one for the Blues. Channel 7 commentator Dennis Cometti says he's had a flutter on Murphy for the Brownlow. So now you know...

Official attendance figure: 78,285, making it the third-highest attendance for an opening round game. And they're talking about 90,000 for tomorrow night's blockbuster between Collingwood and Hawthorn. My goodness.

10.04 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 13.16 (94) - Q4 12'
Robinson misses, bumped as he takes his shot.

10.03 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 13.15 (93) - Q4 11'
Another bad miss, when a goal would just about have wrapped it up for the Blues. Betts takes a brave mark after Carrazzo's run frmo the centre. The small forward was under real pressure from Morris.

10.00 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 13.14 (92) - Q4 9'
Yarran kicks a ripper, dancing along the bounary before guiding the ball home. Speaking of which, he looked to have carried the whol of the ball over the boundary line during his run, but the umpires missed it.

9.59 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 12.14 (86) - Q4 8'
A steadying goal for the Blues. They work the ball from half-back. Lucas just on, marks from a kick out and makes no mistake from 40. Instant return from the sub.

9.56 Richmond 11.8 (74) Carlton 11.14 (80) - Q4 6'
Wasted opportunity. Good work from Nahas out on the flank, who can't beat his opponent but finds Miler. He quickly feeds it off to Martin for the set shot It isn't a good one and misses by some distance. Only a goal in it...

9.53 Richmond 11.7 (73) Carlton 11.14 (80) - Q4 3'
Reiwoldt reads flight of the ball to beat Henderson and drive a low shot home. It's an absorbing game, no small thanks to Richmond's refusal to throw in the towel.

9.51 Richmond 10.7 (67) Carlton 11.14 (80) - Q4 1'
Dreadful kick out on the full from Grimes gives Garlett a set shot from a difficult angle on the boundary. Doesn't miss by much.

And that's three-quarter time. Wonderful effort from the Tigers, who were starting to look out of it. If Richmond completes the comeback, Carlton will look back ruefully at their wastefulness. From set shots, Richmond has posted 7.2; the Blues have kicked 3.8.

9.43 Richmond 10.7 (67) Carlton 11.13 (79) - Q3 28'
Jarrad Waite has taken a beatuy over Rance - a real-soles-in-the-back-of-your-opponent effort. But he wastes the opportunity, missing to the right from about 20 metres out.

9.41 Richmond 10.7 (67) Carlton 11.12 (78) - Q3 26'
Rushed behind after Simpson attempts to nick one after a spilled mark.

9.39 Richmond 10.7 (67) Carlton 11.11 (77) - Q3 25'
That is just a superb goal from Reiwoldt. Kept his feet after a tackle from Yarran on the boundary line, had one look and that's all he needed. This is a stirring fightback from Richmond.

9.35 Richmond 9.7 (61) Carlton 11.11 (77) - Q3 23'
Eddie Betts misses after being set up by Gibbs.

9.33 Richmond 9.7 (61) Carlton 11.10 (76) - Q3 21'
Thornton misses the opportunity to post a steadying goal for the Blues, hitting one of those shots that looks destined for the post, the moment if leaves the boot.

9.31 Richmond 9.7 (61) Carlton 11.9 (75) - Q3 19'
The Tigers are coming! Another Cotchin goal, after he reads the spilled ball off hands.

9.30 Richmond 8.7 (55) Carlton 11.9 (75) - Q3 18'
Trent Cotchin wins a free kick and guides his shot home from the left. The Tigers have upped their intensity and are being rewarded with some scoreboard pressure. Next goal is critical.

9.27 Richmond 7.7 (49) Carlton 11.9 (75) - Q3 15'
Lovely play from Shane Edwards, who did well to keep the ball in play on the right, before centring a great kick to Grigg. He becomes a multiple goal scorer for the first time in his career. The Tigers needed that.

9.24 Richmond 6.7 (43) Carlton 11.9 (75) - Q3 12'
Great mark to Matthew Kreuzer, who comes from behind to grab the pill. Works it right and then through the middle for a goal. Carlton have got this game by the throat...

9.23 Richmond 6.7 (43) Carlton 10.9 (69) - Q3 11'
And another one, this time to to Robinson.

9.22 Richmond 6.7 (43) Carlton 10.8 (68) - Q3 10'
Behind to Ed Curnow.

9.20 Richmond 6.7 (43) Carlton 10.7 (67) - Q3 8'
Dustin Martin, who has seen a lot of the ball tonight, kicks a strong goal after marking from 45 metres out.

9.17 Richmond 5.7 (37) Carlton 10.7 (67) - Q3 5'
Ivan Maric's long shot just falls short and is rushed through for a Richmond behind.

9.16 Richmond 5.6 (36) Carlton 10.7 (67) - Q3 4'
Betts kicks out to Hampson, who takes a strong mark before unselfishly dishing off to Thornton who runs in to kick a goal.

9.14 Richmond 5.6 (36) Carlton 9.7 (61) - Q3 2'
First blood to Carlton. Shaun Hampson marks from Garlett's centre clearance and kicks a major score.

Richmond will be looking for a bigger effort in the second half, if they're to avoid Carlton running away with this. 

Carlton got a real grip on the game in that quarter, their blue chip midfield rising to take command of the centre clearances. Eight of the last eleven goals for the Blues is ominous for Richmond, who need their half-forwards to make more of an impact.

8.50 Richmond 5.6 (36) Carlton 8.7 (55) - Q2 28'
A magnificent snap from Garlett, who gathers Yarran's pass on the right. He picks the ball up, takes a small step to pivot and hooks the ball in for a major.

8.46 Richmond 5.6 (36) Carlton 7.7 (49) - Q2 24'
Armfield takes advantage of a defensive muddle, takes two bounces and drills in from close. Second goal for a man who has only ever kicked nine in his career before tonight.

8.44 Richmond 5.6 (36) Carlton 6.7 (43) - Q2 22'
Critical goal for Martin, who grabs the ball following Vickery's tap, runs a long way before directing the ball through the middle.

8.41 Richmond 4.6 (30) Carlton 6.7 (43) - Q2 19'
Easy goal for Kade Simpson , after Betts capitalises on a  handling error by Houli. Carlton are starting to boss this.

8.40 Richmond 4.6 (30) Carlton 5.7 (37) - Q2 18'
Addam Maric misses a long shot for Richmond, as Blues players run him down.

8.37 Richmond 4.5 (29) Carlton 5.7 (37) - Q2 15'
Not content with creating one, Betts takes the ball from the centre clearance, and puts the afterburners on. Nobody gets close. Goal.

8.36 Richmond 4.5 (29) Carlton 4.7 (31) - Q2 14'
Instant reply from Carlton. Betts finds Yarran and the defender drills through a lovely goal.

8.34 8.32 Richmond 4.5 (29) Carlton 3.7 (25) - Q2 13'
Free kick after Reiwoldt pins Henderson down and gets a holding-the-ball decision. Jumping Jack drills the resultant shot on the left through the middle.

8.32 Richmond 3.5 (23) Carlton 3.7 (25) - Q2 11'
Eddie Betts behind; Carlton a little profligate this term.

8.30  Richmond 3.5 (23) Carlton 3.6 (24) - Q2 10'
Jeff Garlett scores a behind.

Tyrone Vickey thinks he's cored a goal, but it's pulled back after Nahas is penalised for an illegal shepherd on Yarran.

8.27  Richmond 3.5 (23) Carlton 3.6 (24) - Q2 8'
Reiwoldt behind.

8.26  Richmond 3.4 (22) Carlton 3.5 (23) - Q2 7'
Thornton awarded a free kick after being held by Grimes in a marking contest. Slightly to the left, Thornton manages to hit the post. Not a great shot.

8.25  Richmond 3.4 (22) Carlton 3.4 (22) - Q2 6'
Rushed behind for Carlton, as Betts tries to kick it off the ground from close.

8.24 Richmond 3.4 (22) Carlton 3.3 (21) - Q2 4'
Brett Thornton takes a mark, folowing a strong lead, but can't guide his shot from around 50.

Trent Cotchin, as Blues coach Brett Ratten observed, has been a real influence, picking up 11 disposals. The Blues have assigned Carrazzo to keep tabs on him.

Very competitive first term, not much in it. Richmond looked hungriest, but Carlton were able to weather the early storm and keep their opponents in check. The intensity that is missing in the pre-season games is here and in spades.

They reckon there's over 80,000 in attendance tongiht and by the pictures on screen, it definitely looks it.

8.15 Richmond 3.4 (22) Carlton 3.2 (20) - Q1 28'
Ditto from Marc Murphy, who tries to dribble one through, but watches it wander to the right.

8.14 Richmond 3.4 (22) Carlton 3.1 (19) - Q1 28'
Unselfish work from Deledio who feeds Nahas. Good opportunity, but the small forward can only register a minor score.

8.08 Richmond 3.3 (21) Carlton 3.1 (19) - Q1 23'
Carrazzo's testing kick is collected by Judd who passes to  Gibbs, who finds Shaun Hampson. Just pulls his shot a little to the left. First behind to Carlton.

8.06 Richmond 3.3 (21) Carlton 3.0 (18) - Q1 21'
Trent Cotchin finds Ivan Maric, who feeds the ball out to Robin Nahas. Good use of the ball results in a goal from 25 metres out.

8.03 Richmond 2.3 (15) Carlton 3.0 (18) - Q1 18'
Great mark, simple goal for Jarrad Waite, after link-up good play between Judd and Garlett.

8.00 Richmond 2.3 (15) Carlton 2.0 (12) - Q1 16'
Shane Edwards misses a set shot, fairly straight on, after a free kick. Wasteful.

7.58 Richmond 2.2 (14) Carlton 2.0 (12) - Q1 14'
'One end to the other', says Bruce McAveny, as the Blues move downfield quickly. Dennis Armfield drills the goal from close in after fine work from Kade Simpson. Blues settling down after a sluggish start.

7.57 Richmond 2.2 (14) Carlton 1.0 (6) - Q1 12'
Reiwoldt reads the flight well to grab a spilled ball, but can only guide his shot through for a minor score

7.56 Richmond 2.1 (13) Carlton 1.0 (6) - Q1 9'
Eddie Betts runs in fgor an easy goal, after great forward defensive pressure by Jeff Garlett.

7.53 Richmond 2.1 (13) Carlton 0.0 (0) - Q1 7'
Shaun Grigg marks after a great run down the wing by Trent Cotchin.

7.50 Richmond 1.1 (7) Carlton 0.0 (0) - Q1 4'
Tyrone Vickey is awarded a free kick inside the fifty, wide on the left forward flank. Guides a lovely shot just inside the left post.

Jarrad Waite has been reported for rough play against Dylan Grimes.

Clearance from centre bounce, mark to Brad Miller. He drag his shot wide to the right. First score, a behind to Richmond.


Chris Newman wins the toss for the Tigers. You can't help but be impressed with teammate's Ivan Maric's mullet. Old school...

MC Craig Willis introduces past champions Matthew Richardson and Anthony Koutoufides, who present the match balls to the umpires. And now, the national anthem. Almost there...

In the pre-match chatter, Chris Judd has identified Marc Murphy as Carlton's 'No 1 midfielder'. That's a big rap and some indication of what a breakout season 2011 was for him. The Blues will need him firing tonight.

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick has spoken of a jumper exhange between father and son in the lockers (Kevin and Steven Morris). Says he like to see the club's past champions more involved with the club. Could he be referring to someone else?

The teams are out on the field, the club songs blaring over the PA system. Looks like a big crowd is building up.

The guff below notwithstanding, I reckon the pre-season shenanigans amount to squat in terms of a form guide. A diverting and lucrative interlude while you're waiting for the real thing- at least for the AFL. The most you hope for is not to lose your leading players to fortune's cruel arrow (or an ACL snap, whichever comes first)

The Blues haven't become a poor side over the summer. Their list looks as good as it was last season and they will be eyeing a top-four finish. Richmond are an exciting team, a sprung coil brimming with youthful energy and promise. Certainly, Jumping Jack Reiwoldt will fancy filling his boots against Carlton's threadbare defence tonight. The Tiges look on the cusp of happy days. Their time will come; just maybe not tonight.

Carlton to shade it by around four goals. I have some humble pie good to go in the microwave.  Mmm, pie...

What to make of the Blues' pitiful pre-season form? Just the NAB Cup, you say... but they did look woefully underdone.

Tiger fans will be feeling bullish (at least the young 'uns whose spirits are yet to be crushed by years of relentless underachievement). Some tasty outings (including wins over Geelong and Hawthorn) have raised expectations.

Key forward Tyrone Vickery has signed a two-year contract extension, keeping him at the Tigers until at least the end of 2014. He joins Trent Cotchin, Dustin Martin, Jack Riewoldt and Robin Nahas as contracted until at least the end of the 2013 season.

Could this be the night they finally put one over Carlton? I've seen footage of their last win over the Blues. A blizzard of drop-kicks, lace-up guersneys and handlebar moustaches. But my memory may be a little hazy (ok, it was in 2008)...

Teams are as follows:

B: Morris, Rance, Grimes
HB: Houli, Post, Newman
C: Ellis, Martin, Deledio
HF: Cotchin, Vickery, Nahas
F: Miller, Riewoldt, A,Maric
FOLL: I. Maric, Jackson, Foley
I/C: Tuck, Edwards, Grigg, Conca
EMG: Webberley, Batchelor, Helbig
New: Ivan Maric (Adelaide), Addam Maric (Melbourne), Steven Morris (Western Jets), Brandon Eliis (Calder Cannons)

B: Thornton, Henderson, Yarran
HB: Tuohy, Bower, Armfield
C: Russell, Simpson, Scotland
HF: Gibbs, Waite, Garlett
F: Robinson, Hampson, Betts
FOLL: Kreuzer, Murphy, Judd
I/C: Carrazzo, Lucas, Laidler, Curnow
EMG: McLean, Davies, Collins

Richmond come into tonight's game featuring four new faces. Mature-age pick son-of-a-gun Steven Morris, draft selection Brandon Ellis and the two Maric lads - no relation, mind - Ivan and Addam, from Adelaide and Melbourne respectively.

Carlton is fielding a familiar list, but do welcome back Jeremy Laidler from injury. Small recompense, given injuries have forced the absence of experienced players Michael Jamison and Nick Duigan, ruckman Robert Warnock and forward Andrew Walker.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen to coverage of the round 1 clash between Carlton and Richmond at the MCG. Sat here tonight, in The Age's space-age, bleeding-edge HQ, one can't but help feel excited about tonight's clash.

The tedious longueur that is the pre-season charade is finally behind us. 'Tis a beautiful thing. The trash talking has begun, the September dreaming is upon us. Tackles that actually mean something. Bring. It. On.

8.06 Richmond 3.3 (21) Carlton 3.0 (18) - 21'

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