$750,000 Lamborghini explodes

Matt Campbell April 16, 2012

Source: Facebook.

Photo posted on Facebook by John Morgan Evans.

Yet another exotic supercar has gone up in flames, this time during a test drive in the US.

Ferrari is not the only Italian supercar maker affected by cases of spontaneous combustion, it seems.

Video and images of a Lamborghini Aventador burning to the ground have surfaced on the internet, with reports on automotive enthusiast site Jalopnik claiming the car was being test driven by a potential buyer at the time it caught on fire.

The car reportedly belonged to a Lamborghini dealer and was reportedly being driven by an internet entrepreneur who happily posed in front of the Italian supercar after fire-fighters extinguished the blaze.

A traffic site posted updates about the status of the fire, stating: “Left Rear Wheel on Fire 12:07 PM” – which suggests the car didn’t catch fire due to a collision.

Several of Ferrari’s fiery incidents were reportedly caused by an adhesive in the wheel arches which could catch fire under some circumstances, with the brand launching a recall in September 2010.

According to Jalopnik, Lamborghini is “trying to figure out what happened”. It’s the first known case of a Lamborghini Aventador being engulfed by flames.

The fire is the latest in a long line of infernos involving high-end performance cars, including another case over the weekend involving a German man’s Spyker C8 supercar (pictured right), found burnt out in its parking space when he returned to his car after dinner.

Other exotic brands have recently encountered fire-related problems. BMW recalled 1.3 million 5-Series and 6-Series models over a battery problem, and Porsche recalled its 911 coupe over a fuel-line leak.

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